Mochiak & AhWoo

Meet Mochiak & AhWoo, the beloved white bunny and grey wolf duo who spread happiness worldwide through their cute relatable content and merchandise about everyday things!

Discover more about these charming characters and their delightful adventures.



I'm Kirere, the artist behind MochiakAhwoo, an independent artist-owned brand based in Singapore 🇸🇬!

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to bring joy to fans across the globe. At the heart of our brand are Mochiak and AhWoo, the endearing white bunny and grey wolf duo, who delight audiences with their charming content and merchandise inspired by the beauty of everyday life.

MochiakAhwoo has proudly collaborated with renowned brands like Casetify, EZ-Link, Kindness Singapore, and many others, amplifying the reach of our joyful creations.

As we evolve and expand, our dedication to spreading happiness remains unwavering. I invite you to join us on this creative journey and make MochiakAhwoo a part of your daily joy and inspiration. Together, let's infuse each day with a little more happiness!